Accommodation Options

Hostels/Boarding Houses

A number of Taranaki's education providers offer on-site accommodation in the form of a hostel, boarding house or hall of residence. Generally, students will be in single or twin share rooms, but in a few cases dormitory sizes are slightly larger, with senior secondary students sharing a kitchen and lounge between 4-5 students, similar to apartment-style living. 

Meals are generally provided for secondary students, and may also be included at tertiary level. Students will have access to shared dining facilities, laundry facilities and lounges. During evenings and weekends there are likely to be organised activities. 

You can expect a diverse mix of both international and New Zealand students in a hostel, and their central locations mean that getting to class or into the city or town is very easy.

Homestay (or private board)

Students who choose homestay accommodation live with a local family in their home. You will have a fully furnished room of your own, generally join the family for meals, and become part of the family during your stay.

This is a great way to learn about the New Zealand lifestyle and culture, while improving your English and your host family can help you settle into life in Taranaki.

Flatting and Independent Accommodation

Flats (apartments) range from one-bedroom to four or five bedroom shared homes, and can be found just about anywhere – close to town centres and education providers, further out in the surrounding suburbs, or even in peaceful country and coastal locations.

Rental homes will generally have gardens and car parking, and in most cases a group of students will rent a flat between them and share rental and other costs. Alternately you could join an established flat where the other flatmates have a spare room to rent.

Most flats include basic equipment and whiteware, and flatmates will either share cooking duties or each student will cook their own meals. Flatting is a good option for older students who are accustomed to living  independently.

Other Options

If you have family that are coming to visit or are looking for short term accommodation, Taranaki has a great range of commercial visitor accommodation available. Options range from private holiday homes that can be rented short-term to bed and breakfast options and well-appointed hotels and motels. Taranaki's official VISIT site has a listing of what's available.